Verse 2 of Eight Verses for Training the Mind

Whenever I am with others may I think of myself as the lowest of all and from the very depths of my heart may I respectfully hold others as supreme.  

This verse calls us to train the mind in proper humility, eliminating our habitual arrogance and pride by ‘thinking of ourselves as the lowest of all.’  

This is certainly not suggesting we belittle ourselves; we should have self-esteem and self-confidence.  

Rather, a practice is being offered for (1) taming our exaggerated sense of self-importance and for (2) cultivating true humility and respect for others.  

The afflictions of arrogance, superiority, pride, and competitiveness create disharmony among people and prevent us from learning and evolving.  

Therefore, by respectfully holding others as supreme, we become more humble, gentle, and open. This naturally brings harmony and compassion into our relationships and helps us to achieve great qualities, virtues, and spiritual realizations.

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