Right Speech is the ability to speak truthfully and harmlessly.

Right Speech comes naturally from Right Thought, since our speech is a direct expression of our thoughts.  

Our speech should never be cruel or hurtful to others. Our words should not create hatred, misunderstanding, or suffering.  

Right speech means we do not lie, slander, or speak in ways that create resentment, conflict, division, or disharmony among individuals or groups.  

Right speech means not speaking in ways that are harsh, rude, impolite, abusive, or malicious. We refrain from idle, useless, and foolish talk or gossip.  

In this way, we cultivate the ability to speak the truth; we learn to use words that are friendly, gentle, benevolent, and meaningful. Right Speech means speaking kindly and wisely at the right time and place.

When we are not able to speak in ways that are useful, kind, or uplifting, we may consider the wisdom of remaining in noble silence.  

We should understand that spiritual or religious conversation or truthfulness alone is not Right Speech.  

Abstinence from unwholesome speech is the essence of Right Speech.

Through the practice of Right Speech we cultivate ethical conduct (personal integrity) and establish the essential foundation of the Path.

Source: Used with permission from https://sourcepointglobaloutreach.org/what-we-offer/