A Journey into Buddhism

Journey into Buddhism

In 2012, having come from a Christian background, I began a journey of discovering Buddhism. In many ways, the journey complemented and enriched my Christian understanding.

Over the subsequent years, I delighted in sharing via websites what I had discovered. To provide some structure, these websites may be listed under very broad themes (or overall aspirations) as follows:

From a Christian Heritage



Four Noble Truths (Realities)

buddhist-spirituality.info (reality of suffering)

buddhist-spirituality.com (origin of suffering)

buddhist-spirituality.org (cessation of suffering)

buddhist-spirituality.net (a Path to follow)

Four Reminders that Turn the Mind toward a Spiritual Path

buddhist-world.com (preciousness of a human life – taught in Buddhism)

end-of-life-spirituality.org (impermanence and death)

insights-into-karma.org (inescapability of karma)

brahmaviharas.net (reality of suffering in all six realms – brahmaviharas are needed antidotes)


buddhist-meditation.com (achieving peace ourselves to brings seeds of happiness to others)

From Here to Enlightenment

lamrimpath.org (path – a spiritual path)

ngondro-practices.org (practice – a spiritual practice)

dying-and-death-reflections.com (preparing – for dying and death)

the-six-bardos.org (parting – from this life)

Three Buddhist Blogsites




Alexander Peck

(From near Brisbane, Australia)