Meditation practice yields numerous benefits, including some of the following:

(1) Studies have shown that meditative techniques which shift conscious attention to the area around the heart are beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety and depression; enhancing cognitive performance; and decreasing muscle tension, headaches and all forms of pain caused by tension.

(2) Most disease originates from discord between the mind and body. Learn to use your heart as a psychological and physiological access point for creating a healthy state of coherence (harmony) and integration between your body, brain and heart.  

(3) Physicians, psychotherapists, and other health professionals are increasingly adding methods such as forms of meditation to their practice as an essential element of an integrated health program. 

(4) Explore, discover and experience a part of your being that has never been damaged or wounded, a part of you that is deeper and remains untouched by fear, negative beliefs, anxiety or depression. 

(5) Learn to balance the head and the heart; harmonize intellectual and cognitive perception with heart-centered perception. 

(6) Use a meditation practice to initiate a profound shift from stress-based behavior (sympathetic nervous system predominance) to a more relaxed, peaceful, compassionate and empowered way of life (balanced autonomic nervous system).

(7) Reduce emotional reactivity, neurosis, fear and stress by gaining direct access to the enlightened qualities of the heart. Learn to establish a deep sense of peace, wellbeing, happiness and empowerment, completely independent of outer circumstances. 

(8) Experience more love and increased emotional resilience (affect tolerance). Learn to connect more deeply and intimately in relationships without losing inner contact with your own core self. 

(9) Dissolve emotional defenses around the heart and liberate the natural vitality which brings greater health, more confidence and a more authentic sense of self. 

(10) Enhance mental clarity, reasoning and learning abilities. Increase brainwave coherence. Improve memory, intuition, and creativity. Enjoy a deeper sense of life purpose.


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