The symptoms of hatred can show up as anger, hostility, dislike, aversion, or ill-will; wishing harm or suffering upon another person.  

With aversion, we habitually resist, deny, and avoid unpleasant feelings, circumstances, and people we do not like.  

We want everything to be pleasant, comfortable, and satisfying all the time.  

This behavior simply reinforces our perception of duality and separation.  

Hatred or anger thrusts us into a vicious cycle of always finding conflict and enemies everywhere around us. When there is conflict or perceived enemies around us, our mind is neurotic, never calm; we are endlessly occupied with strategies of self-protection or revenge.  

We can also create conflict within ourselves when we have an aversion to our own uncomfortable feelings.

With hatred and aversion, we deny, resist, and push away our own inner feelings of fear, hurt, loneliness, and so forth, treating these feelings like an internal enemy.  

With the poison of hatred, we create conflict and enemies in the world around us and within our own being. 

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