Verse 7 of Eight Verses for Training the Mind

In brief, may I offer both directly and indirectly all help, happiness and benefit to all beings, my mothers, and may I secretly take upon myself all of their harmful actions, pain and suffering.  

This verse refers to the essence of Tong-len practice (Giving and Taking).  

We are to offer, directly and indirectly, our help, happiness, benefit, skills, and resources in loving service to all beings who certainly, at some time in the past, have been our own mothers.  

In Tong-len practice, with strong compassion, we visualize taking on the obstacles, problems, illnesses, and suffering of others.

We then visualize giving them all of our happiness, comfort, love, virtue, prosperity, and great insights.  

In this verse the word ‘secretly’ suggests this particular practice of compassion may not be suitable or may be too difficult for beginning practitioners.  

It also means that this practice should be done discreetly, and not openly displayed or spoken about so as to gain praise or recognition. 

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