May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.  

In this first verse, we generate the mind of Love (Loving-Kindness). From the very depths of our heart, we radiate in all directions the sincere wish for all living beings to have happiness and the causes that bring happiness.  

The immeasurable quality of Loving-Kindness is boundlessopen, and pure—an all-embracing love, dedicated to serving the highest welfare of all beings.

Like a nurturing mother who protects and cares for her children, this sublime Love brings comfort, tenderness, warmth, and understanding to those in need.

Always unconditional, free of self-interest, attachment, or expectation, Loving-Kindness seeks no reward or compensation. This Love is the very heart of generosity, sympathy, and benevolence.  

In this way, Loving-Kindness opens the heart and dissolves resentment, anger, hatred, possessiveness, and selfish desire.

Our Loving-Kindness—our sincere wish for all beings to have happiness—must extend even further than those to whom we feel close. Our Loving-Kindness must extend to and embrace all living beings throughout all realms of existence for it to become sublime, limitless, and immeasurable.

Source: Used with permission from https://sourcepointglobaloutreach.org/what-we-offer/