Right Concentration is the means for training and centering the mind. Through Right Concentration we bring our ordinarily restless, unconcentrated mind into a state of tranquility, one-pointedness, and unbroken attentiveness.

By training the mind through Right Concentration, we extinguish the delusion, self-centered desire, and destructive thinking that rule the scattered, untrained mind.

In this way, we develop serenity and mental/emotional stability, and we gain insight into the true nature of reality.  

Right Concentration leads one through the various stages of Dhyana (meditation) into equanimity, joy, purity of mind, and attainment of the highest wisdom.  

Right Concentration is a fully engaged means of training the mind and heart to be completely present in each moment, without cutting ourselves off from others or escaping the responsibilities of life.

Through Right Concentration we cultivate mental discipline/concentration, an essential aspect of the Path.

Source: Used with permission from https://sourcepointglobaloutreach.org/what-we-offer/