End of Dissatisfaction and Suffering

The Third Noble Truth tells us there is an end to our dissatisfaction and suffering when we let go of, abandon, and liberate ourselves from the craving and attachment that causes it.

Because our pain, confusion, and suffering have a cause, a beginning, they also have an end. Once we understand the nature of our illness, we can cure it with the right remedies. In this same way, once we see and understand what causes our suffering, we can bring an end to it by eliminating those causes and realizing well-being.

Liberation from suffering, awakening, supreme peace, lasting happiness, and perfect wisdom are possible. These qualities are the very essence and nature of our being. They are always available within us, awaiting our realization.

Insight into The Third Noble Truth: When our delusion, greed, craving, attachment, and negative behavior have been extinguished, what remains in this absence of suffering is the experience of Nirvana: the awakened quality of our true nature.

It is essential, however, that this supreme peace and wisdom of our true nature be realized and made fully conscious by way of direct experience.

For one liberated in this way, in whose heart dwells peace, there is nothing to be added to what has been accomplished.

This is the end of dissatisfaction and suffering—the realization of our true nature, Ultimate Reality, Nirvana.

Source: Used with permission from https://sourcepointglobaloutreach.org/what-we-offer/