Here are the steps involved in this simple, effective method for reducing stress, creating optimal health, and empowering the heart:  

1.   Take a few deep, full breaths. Relax your mind and body, letting stress and tension dissolve. Move your attention down from your head, into the area of the heart. Gently focus your awareness and feeling into the center of your heart, located in the middle of the chest. Breathe slowly, naturally and evenly. This simple practice will create an immediate shift from cognitive processing into a more relaxed, heart-centered feeling and perception. 

2.   With your awareness and feeling gently focused in the heart, be present and attentive; breathe slowly and evenly. Feeling deep into your heart, let the protective walls come down. Let your chest and heart soften and relax. This is the most important part of the SourcePoint Practice: Allow yourself to feel a sense of openness, tenderness, peace and wellbeing. Feeling and sensing these qualities naturally opens the door of your heart. Be present and attentive with your experience moment to moment, breath by breath. 

3.   During this practice, if you become distracted, simply return your attention and feeling back into the center of your heart and relax. If you need a visual image to help focus your attention, imagine your heart as a golden lotus flower fully open. Move your awareness and feeling deep into the center of the lotus. Breathe naturally and relax into the experience of openness, tenderness, peace and wellbeing. 

4.   If you encounter unpleasant thoughts or emotions, there is no need to indulge in them or push them away. Embrace your moment to moment experience without trying to change it in any way. Maintain gentle awareness and feeling in the center of the heart. Embrace any experience that may arise with acceptance and compassion. Unpleasant thoughts or emotions are a natural form of purification that will give way to a deeper, more authentic experience of the heart. 

5.   Use the SourcePoint Practice for five, ten or twenty minutes, once or twice a day. With patience and consistency, your experience of heart-centered feeling and perception will gradually deepen and stabilize. The physical and psychological benefits from this practice will influence your life in many wonderful ways. A shorter version of the SourcePoint Practice may also be used: At any time, in any situation, wherever you may be, relax your mind and body, move your attention down into the center of your heart, breathe slowly and naturally. This will create an immediate shift into heart-centered perception, greatly reduce stress, and bring a deeper sense of peace, relaxation and clarity. Your heart is always the SourcePoint! 

6.   To continue cultivating the enlightened qualities of the heart, practice embracing the world around you with compassion and a vision for a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future. Make a determined effort to care for, cherish and bring benefit to all living beings. Engaged and selfless acts of kindness and charity are a natural expression of a compassionate heart and a natural extension of the SourcePoint Practice. 

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