Reality of Suffering

This website explores spirituality from a Buddhist perspective. The principles are faithful to the Buddhist tradition. They hold much relevance and meaning for our present world.

Another underlying theme is acknowledged—and that is the reality of suffering.

Images on the website from life today are intended to help convey a spirituality that is contemporary.

The term spirituality ties in with the idea that in Buddhism the mind is a vital factor in our existence. 

These words from Lama Thubten Yeshe link mind with spirituality: "I hope that you understand what the word 'spiritual' really means. It means to search for, to investigate, the true nature of the mind. There's nothing spiritual outside. My rosary isn't spiritual; my robes aren't spiritual. Spiritual means the mind, and spiritual people are those who seek its nature." [Yeshe, Lama Thubten, Becoming Your Own Therapist (Boston: Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, 2003), p. 89.]

Although Buddhism has developed differently in various times, places, and cultures, the essential teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) remain the same. A glossary of Buddhist terms is given in the Resources section of the website.

Insights into spirituality are organized under the following headings: 

May the spirituality described on this website help visitors make more sense of life and reality today.

Alexander Peck 




Embracing a vision of enlightenment and transformation 

 Lotus Flower


In Buddhist perception the lotus flower has special significance. The efforts towards spirituality may be compared to the idea of applying fertiliser to a lotus flower which grows out of mud in a swamp, so that emerging from the surrounding muck of worldly passions will spring a beautiful flower of spirituality, blossoming to enlightenment. Here the 'muck' or mud can be compared to our physical body; the emerging lotus flower can be compared to the developing (budding) perceptions of our minds. The 'fertilising' relates to the direct application of exercise to the goal in view. The fully opened lotus would be the full expression of the Buddha-mind now visible as a beautiful lotus flower in full bloom. 

Davis, John R. The Path to Enlightenment: Introducing Buddhism. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1997. 




 Making sense of life and reality 

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Enlightenment is seeing reality as it is seeing and accepting people, places, and things as they are