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Life Is the Present

Each of us has a different life, different ways of being human and experiencing our life. Let’s talk about what life is.  

Whatever is happening is your life. It is not past or future, it is the present. Whatever you are experiencing right now is your life. Being married, not married, being a monk, being a nun, this is life. Maybe you could be one of the people who win the lottery. That is your life. Or maybe you are one of the people who does not win. That is your life. Regardless, whether good conditions or bad conditions, that is your life.  

The question is: Are you enjoying being in your life in this moment? We need to ask ourselves this question: “Am I enjoying this moment, being who I am, and embracing whatever is happening around me?” It is possible that somebody may be dying. That is his or her life. Or maybe somebody is becoming enlightened right now. That is his or her life. Life is the present.  

We must ask this fundamental spiritual as well as philosophical inquiry, “Am I enjoying this life?” This is a very profound inquiry. “Am I enjoying this moment?”  

We may discover that we are not enjoying this life in this very moment. What is the pattern behind that? We are being attached to the past, about pleasant memories, or projecting those grand illusory fantasies into the future. Maybe we are afraid or there is resistance to experiencing what is happening right now. Maybe we are resisting the thoughts, feelings, or sensations that are arising right now. Maybe they seem too detrimental or unpleasant to us. So we are going to the past or the future, not being in the moment, embracing the inner and outer life.  

However, embracing life means surrendering to all conditions, outside and inside, whatever arises. Escapism is the opposite of the sattva, the spiritual courage, because we are running away from samsara, we are running away from reality.  

Being a Bodhisattva is walking towards reality with great courage, appreciation, and joy. A Bodhisattva is somebody who has true spiritual courage, who is completely free from fear and hope.  

Bodhisattvas are unique heroes. Worldly heroes may have courage, but they always have hope and fear. Bodhisattvas always transcend hope and fear because Bodhisattvas perceive everything as a blessing. Everything is an amazing source of wisdom and knowledge. Bodhisattvas do not have fear of life because they realize fear is only a mental projection.  

Bodhisattvas have already awakened to the nature of everything in reality, they do not have a sense of fear and are ready to embrace everything. Also, every time a Bodhisattva goes through life’s challenges, it makes him or her even more compassionate. Situations enhance one’s commitment and practice.
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