Comments from the Author

The SourcePoint Practice

In December 2012, I had the privilege of exchanging several emails with Neil Steven Cohen, the originator of the SourcePoint Practice. I am taking the liberty of sharing content from these emails from Neil to show the value found in the SourcePoint Practice . . .  

Although simple and simply presented in its colorful brochure format, the SourcePoint Practice is based on 5,000 year-old Vedic/Hindu teachings, 2600 year-old Buddhist teachings, certainly reinforcing connecting to the heart as Jesus taught, and is based upon the clinical research of the Institute of HeartMath (IHM). We have a very powerful teaching in a clear, nonreligious format that any person can relate to without being turned off or turned away.  

The heart is the "bodily location of awakening." Jesus pointed to it often. I have taught groups for many years. I don't just talk about the heart, I literally have people relax their mind and feeling awareness into the center of the heart and I help them "navigate their awareness and feeling" as deep as they can go. There are many deep issues and misperceptions about love that need to be recognized and transformed, however, people always come away with a very rich experience and deeper connection to their "Christ nature", the "Soul", "Buddha nature", "true Self." 

I have 35 years of working with people professionally. I know their laziness, lethargy, lack of inspiration, not wanting to follow rules, not wanting patriarchal formats from ancient meditation lineages. And, I also know that when one meditates in the head, there is no "feeling" function activated. When one meditates in the hara, abominal area, this is very powerful and grounding, but very dense and can be depressing for those with deep issues. The heart is perfect, a perfect place to start. And, the progress will be fast if they follow the practice as given.

It took me 30 years to realize that the way one opens the secret door in the heart is through a feeling of "tenderness." That is the technology so to speak. A feeling of tenderness softens the armoring and defense around the heart and then one can travel inward with their feeling awareness closer to God, deeper into union with their true nature.

The SourcePoint Practice has so much richness in it, so many lineages hidden within it, so much science backing it, it would be hard to put it all into words. In my not-so-humble opinion, it is a masterpiece of a presentation, a pristine place for a person to start and end! 

You are most welcome to add the SourcePoint Practice to your website if you wish. I can send you the file, or you can save the pdf file from my website. Again, thank you for your good hearts and your interest in assisting us to distribute the SourcePoint Practice information. We sure know it is much needed at this time! 

It is a pleasure and honor for me to have the hard work and years of spiritual practice that went into creating this SourcePoint Practice be used in this way on your excellent websites! Thank you. 

Neil Steven Cohen