Commentary on the Practice

The SourcePoint Practice

1.   The SourcePoint Practice is one of the most effective methods you can use to create positive changes in your health, relationships and all aspects of your life. Through this practice, you will gain access to your most important and valuable inner resource—your own Heart. Relying on the external world to provide happiness and security always causes stress because of impermanence and uncertainty. Conversely, using the SourcePoint Practice you will discover the lasting happiness, security, wisdom and compassion which naturally reside within your heart. You may use this practice silently and privately, anytime, anywhere. The simple yet profound practice of breathing slowly, naturally and evenly, and bringing your attention into the heart creates an immediate and beneficial shift from habitual intellectual/cognitive processing into a more heart-centered perception and way of being. According to medical studies, this shift of perception greatly reduces psychological distress, anger, fatigue and impatience, and activates the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. Stress hormones are reduced, the immune system is empowered to protect and heal the body, and your energy is refreshed and vitalized. The SourcePoint Practice also helps you maintain a healthy state of coherence (harmony) between your brain, heart and nervous system. This increases emotional resilience, positive outlook, communication skills, productivity, motivation and clarity regarding your goals in life.  

2.   During the SourcePoint Practice, let the muscles in your face, chest, back and abdomen relax and soften. Let the emotional armoring and defense around the heart relax and soften as well. This is the most essential part of this practice: Allow yourself to feel a sense of openness, tenderness, peace and wellbeing. Feeling and sensing these qualities opens the door into the center of the heart—into a more direct and authentic experience of your Essential Self. Gradually, layers of psychological stress, misperception and emotional armoring will fall away. The door of your heart will open wider. As you practice, your experience of living in a heart-centered way will deepen and stabilize. The true qualities of your heart will be liberated and radiate their immense benefits into all aspects of your life! 

3.   During the SourcePoint Practice your attention may wander or become distracted. This is inevitable and natural in the beginning stages. Do not attempt to stop your thoughts, as this is almost impossible to accomplish! Do not struggle with thoughts or emotions; simply allow them to come and go as they will, like passing clouds in the sky. If you get distracted, return your attention back to the heart area, relax, and breathe naturally. This is the practice and the training. Gradually your awareness will become quite steady and focused. You will be able to maintain an open, peaceful and heart-centered presence. If you need an anchor for focusing your attention, you may want to use the suggested visualization in practice step 3.

4.   While bringing your awareness into the heart, you may experience emotions of which you were not previously aware. If uncomfortable or unpleasant thoughts or emotions arise during practice, do not indulge in or get carried away by them, and do not attempt to resist them. Learn to embrace all thoughts and emotions that arise with acceptance and compassion, without trying to change or control your experience in any way. Remember that unpleasant thoughts or emotions are simply a natural form of purification. Using the SourcePoint Practice, layers of tension, anxiety, fear and unresolved emotion will gradually melt away. The natural joy, vitality and radiance of the heart will shine through. 

5.   In our modern world, most of us tend to develop and habitually overuse our intellectual and cognitive functions. We may not give the same time and attention to developing the heart! Therefore, cultivating a more heart-centered perception and way of being may require some consistent practice. It is ideal to use the SourcePoint Practice as suggested in step number five. In addition, the shorter version of the SourcePoint Practice is highly beneficial as well. At any time, in any situation you find yourself in, you can always make the shift into heart-centered perception and return to the nourishing, revitalizing center of your being. Even this short version of the SourcePoint Practice will generate a wide spectrum of physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. 

6.   Giving attention to your own personal development is excellent and necessary. In addition, learning to share your heart with others, offering loving and selfless service to both the local and global community is also integral to human development and evolution. Use the SourcePoint Practice for your personal development, and consider extending this heart-centered practice into the world through selfless acts of kindness, generosity and charity. 


Source: Used with permission from Neil Steven Cohen.  

©2010 SourcePoint Global Outreach